the moleskine

First let me say I have used the Moleskine product for some time now, but was always looking for an alternate product. So far, I have not found one.

A good story will sell a product and Moleskine weaves a great story. J. Peterman is another good example of stories selling products. I bought a hat one time from Peterman. Still regret the purchase, but the story was great. The hat didn't look as good on me as the story and illustration led me to believe.

Having said all of that, I'm not trying to sell you a Moleskine. Buy what you like and buy what works for you. What I am saying, is that I like the Moleskine and it works for my purposes. A small bound sketchbook with decent paper. It is really good for pencil and pen & ink. Watercolor can be challenging, but not overwhelming. Clearly not as good as a watercolor block, but I can't seem to get a watercolor block in my pocket. So there is a tradeoff.

For me I use Pitt Artists pens, a Lamy fountain pen with Noodlers Ink and pencils. Again watercolors are a challenge, but I use a Sakura Koi field watercolor set.

If you would like to post a page from your Moleskine or other pocket sketch book, send it to me at and I'll probably post it. I don't need a lot of profanity or any porn, but outside of that, I'm wide open.

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Vintage Hand Pump

Vintage Hand Pump

Vintage Basketball-Football Hand Pump - This pump is vintage 1950.  It used to belong to my older sister.  It’s mine now.  When she figures out I’ve got it - she’ll want it back.  Possession is nine-tenths of the law.  Abandonment is another issue.  Maybe if I’m in a good mood when she asks - I’ll give it back.  The only reason it still exists is because I have kept it safely in a closet with other junk.
Pen and Ink with watercolor in a small Moleskine sketchbook.